30 Amazing Dashboard UI Design Freebies (January 2023 Update)

We all know how important nowadays is to design an amazing usable dashboard for our clients. First things first, we should take a deep study and prioritize usability over aesthetics, but in the same time we have to maintain that clean and modern look and feel. So, what is a dashboard?

A dashboard or an admin panel is a dedicated first page of an web/mobile app that contains structured numeric data that clarifies the current/past situation of a business. Very pleasing to the eye all the data is shown through the help of graphs and charts that depicts a very professional look & feel.

A crucial part of a designer’s act is to get insights into the real needs of those who will absorb the data. If you look at Google Analytics or Revolut, you may observe that every statistic gets updated when selecting the desired time period. That is a key feature that you should take into consideration when building an admin panel. Simplicity is another crucial aspect that you should count on.

A well designed dashboard is not crowded with all sorts of graphical elements that serve no real purpose, but it offers a very clear way of displaying data that help people make fast business decisions.

Every designer enjoys putting together an exceptional dashboard design, because of its complexity. What I mean by this is the usage of the wonderful graphs that stands out in one different category, which together build an evolving structure. The contrast between small and huge typography used on values and label creates another cool effect that help people clearly see what’s important. Figures or KPIs are important and always will be. Keep that in mind when designing an admin panel.

Keep Designing

It takes a lot of practice until you succeed in creating an effective one. Meanwhile, then you have to practice every day and be willing to face criticism. Step out of your comfort zone and become the best designer you can be. Start with these dashboard freebies that will energize your creative process.

If you find yourself lost in this noisy world of creative shots and you don’t know where to look, we expertly curated a list with the most modern dashboard UI freebies for Figma, Sketch, and AdobeXD that will boost your creativity in 2023.

1. Dashboard Interface Elements by Tran Mau Tri Tam

We all know Tran and the awesome design style that he has given us over the years. This dashboard UI kit comes in a very modern style with all sorts of playful illustrations, vivid gradients, and bold typography.

This admin panel describes the economic state of a company through an earning report and analytics of an actual month.

What’s inside?

  • An organized sketch file filled with 14 cards including:
  • Header
  • Radial graph
  • Table
  • List of earnings
  • Search bar
  • Others

2. Clinic UI Elements by Juliette Lagache

If you’re working on a medical UI project for one of your clients this dashboard UI template definitely comes in handy. The actual work is thoroughly organized in layers, and symbols and all the components are very well presented.

The design is divided into three columns or views and is unique because Juliette applied huge round corners on every element you notice. The blue-colored sidebar with just icons as links and the way it combines with the light blue background of the artboard really gives an original aspect.

What’s inside?

A sketch file containing two artboards. One with the actual dashboard template and the other with the UI elements. Resizing constraints feature is applied to every component. You will find cards like:

  • Bar Graph
  • Slider Graph
  • Gauge Graph
  • Line Graph
  • Calendar
  • Progress
  • Vivid color backgrounds
  • User profile

3. Recreate Dashboard UI Kit by Premiumuikits

How can we not contribute when it comes to dashboard UI kits? Recreate user dashboard template comes in two themes light & dark and it is very to use because of its simplicity. As you observe we made it more colorful especially on the top part because that is the most important aspect of an admin panel.

Recreate Free Ui Dashboard

We decided to make the sidebar background color less vibrant in the dark mode because we wanted it to stand out as little as possible. Prioritizing usability over aesthetics and emphasizing numbers, which reflect a company’s current or previous situation, are key to success.

And now to brag about ourselves a bit, we love how we did the selection part from the sidebar :)). We think it is cool, what about you?

What’s inside?

A sketch design file with two artboards, one for light and one for dark, and a pdf file with instructions.

  • Playful gradients
  • Fonds from where you can change the value of the radius
  • Graphs – line, radial, barTable
  • Switch
  • User profile
  • Sidebar

4. Dash – Free Dashboard UI Figma by Bagus Fikri

Please welcome to this complex dashboard ui kit made in Figma that offers a lot of possibilities. You can customize it with ease and is really very helpful because it contains a lot of widgets.

Dash Free Dashboard UI

Many companies look for an enterprise look and feel nowadays, and this free dashboard UI concept is very realistic and adapts to many user flows. Every layout has a unique arrangement and it enables designers to create powerful dashboard UI designs for their upcoming projects.

What’s inside?

  • One design file with
  • Three Figma artboards
  • Huge typography for numbers
  • List of customers’ card
  • Schedule card
  • Upcoming events card
  • Audience demographics card
  • Outlined icons

5. Personal Dashboard UI Kit by AR Shakir

If you want to manage your finances, this dashboard UI template kit is the right amount for everything. Shakir used the white space in a smart way, that depicts a clean aesthetic which allows the metrics to stand out.

The structure of the layout is quite exclusive and we can get into details. As we look the sidebar navigation menu is very thin which conveys a wide real estate and the content is very well presented.

Having a budget doesn’t mean that you are restricted with your funds, but it enables us to track the expenses to see where our money actually go.

What’s inside?

  • Two design files are compatible with Figma & XD.
  • Custom icons
  • Line graphs – 100% Vector
  • Modular components
  • Easy to customize by changing UI styles

6. Wons Admin by teamUXD

A great resource that will help you start your future dashboard ui designs with plenty of options from which you can choose. Wrapped in two themes, this free admin template covers a lot of user flows.

Wons Admin Panel
Wons Admin Panel

The overall user experience is so meaningful and each screen is basically a user flow. Whenever you’re stuck and don’t know what a particular screen should look like, you can get your inspiration from here.

What’s inside?

  • One design file made with the Figma tool
  • Themes: Light & Dark
  • Screens: 24 Desktop Screens
  • Fully customizable
  • Auto-layout

7. Profile dashboard XD freebie by Zhenya Karapetyan

This awesome profile dashboard ui kit can boost your inspiration and reinforces your creative process when it comes to designing social media projects. Zhenya went above and beyond and designed a very creative template.

The aspect that makes it unique is the rounded corners. If you look closely, you’ll notice that each card has three round corners and one straight.

The colors are on the same spectrum, which brings consistency across the entire layout, and we the usage of some fresh sophisticated ones creates a modern environment.

What’s inside?

  • An Adobe XD design UI file that contains the analytics of a user profile
  • Sidebar menu
  • Fonts used: Lora & Proxima Nova (install these first)
  • Graphs: Radial, Bars, Simple Line
  • Huge typography
  • User profile

8. Healthcare Figma Dashboard by Yugal Mahajan

Moving on with another dashboard UI design from the healthcare industry that will help people take care of their well-being. The layout is interactive due to the human body illustration from the bottom right that visually displays our body measurements.

Healthcare Free UI Dashboard

The icons are so simple and cheerful, and the use of color helps us distinguish between the different health categories.

What’s Inside?

  • A design dashboard compatible with Figma
  • Fonts used: Mulish (install first)
  • Graphs: Bars, Lines
  • 100% Vector Illustration
  • Playful Icons

9. Free Figma Dashboard Wallet UI Kit by Muftagi Arm

A very modern, playful dashboard UI design that offers us many possibilities. The payment cards are so cool that you can use them on your finance UI projects.

Everything is amazingly well colored, especially the avatars from the right. You cannot get bored looking at the entire layout, isn’t it?

What’s inside?

  • A design dashboard compatible with Figma
  • Fonts used: Manrope (install first)
  • Graphs: Lines
  • Payment cards
  • Playful Gradients & Colors

10. Purity UI Dashboard by Creative Tim

Sau hello to the Purity Dashboard Template that will save you time, energy, and money. It is based on the Chackra Dashboard UI Framework, which is a comprehensive solution that contains hundreds of elements that you can alter at will.

In addition to receiving the Figma design file, you will also receive the coded part written in Javascript based on React framework, thus providing you with a ready-to-go tool that will enable you to build fantastic websites and dashboards templates at the speed of light.

The look and feel are more corporate thanks to the contrast of dark grey and bright cyan. It has two themes Dark and Light with different layout structures. Special thanks to CreativeTim for this awesome design UI freebie.

What’s Inside?

  • Code in (Html, CSS & React)
  • RTL support page
  • Dashboard
  • Tables
  • Billing
  • Profile
  • Sign In
  • Sign UP

11. Free Dashboard Web App Template by Panoply Store

Another spectacular dashboard admin panel ui from the guys from Panoply Store. Clean & organized this freebie comes in two themes, light & dark, all compatible with Sketchapp, Figma, Photoshop, and Adobe XD.

The layout is well balanced with a high contrast that makes the primary and accent colors stand out as they should. A professional approach that you should take into consideration when designing for two themes is the fact that the colors in the dark mode are a bit brighter than in the light..

What’s inside?

  • Lots of components
  • Dark & Light mode
  • Elegant & stylish design
  • Fully customizable
  • Scalable vector & free fonts
  • Meticulously layered

12. Smart Home Dashboard by AR Shakir

As technology evolves so is design and Shakir’s dashboard UI freebie might come in handy, if you plan to develop a smart home app for your customers. Setting the temperature of your air conditioner, reducing energy, or controlling your devices from a distance is very useful these days.

Regarding the design style, this user interface is very well made with just a few shades of light grey, subtle shadows, one primary color, and an accent one. Of course, there are a lot of details that go into the whole interface, but keeping it simple gets hard sometimes.

What’s inside?

  • One design file with one artboard
  • Compatible with Sketchapp, Figma & XD
  • Clean & modern ui design
  • No Symbols
  • Fonts – Helvetica (you should install first these so you can see them)
  • Meticulously layered

13. Chatbot UI Kit by Kasper Christensen

Chatbot UI dashboard kit is more than just a freebie, it’s a complex design asset made in Adobe XD containing three artboards from which you can inspire. It addresses the field of virtual assistance using chatbots.

We downloaded this ux goodie and we loved what we saw. A very professional design grouped in layers, well balanced, having lovely colors that depict professional aesthetics.

What’s inside?

  • A design file compatible with Adobe XD
  • Three artboards covering three links (Answers, Questions, Conversations)
  • Symbols – NO
  • Fonts – SF Pro Display (install these first)
  • 100% Vector
  • Filled Icons

Follow Kasper Christensen for more freebies.

14. Freelancer Admin Panel by mehrdroid

Modern, clean, and free dashboard UI design targeting the project management area is compatible with Figma. The work is well balanced with 3D icons, typography styles, color variables, and lots of icons.

Freelancer Free UI Admin Panel

You can download it and start ideating dashboard UI projects faster and more efficiently.

What’s inside?

  • Design file compatible with Figma
  • Theme: Dark
  • Fonts used: IRANSansX family
  • Style guide included

15. Dashboards Free UI Kit by Craftwork

A complex, professional UI dashboard containing fifteen artboards compatible with Figma and Sketch, made by the amazing team from Craftwork. It has lots of widgets from calendars to progress bars, graphs, and more.

We have to be honest, but this is the most professional dashboard freebie on the entire list. You should download it, see how it’s made, and start designing it for your future projects. It reduces your time dramatically and it will help you gain valuable design insights.

What’s inside?

  • 15 ready-to-use templates
  • Basic icons pack
  • 18 widgets with graphs, charts, and stats.
  • Typography styles
  • Easy to customize by updating symbols

16. Free Dark Crypto Dashboard by Zazuly Aziz

A beautiful dark-themed cryptocurrency dashboard with glowing and blurred effects is what RecehTok is all about. A recent update indicates that Aziz made this dashboard compatible with Figma and he did his best and created the light version as well.

This dashboard design can give you inspiration if you want to design beautiful line graphs. You can install it with one click by duplicating it in Figma.

What’s inside?

  • One file compatible with Figma & Sketchapp
  • Sidebar
  • Notifications
  • Popup
  • Wallet Graph
  • Coins Stats

17. Cryptocurrency Dashboard Redesign by Carlos Han

A well-structured and balanced dashboard freebie that will help you energize your creative process when it comes to cryptocurrency projects. The candle line graph is the largest component on the page that you can copy and paste it on other projects without creating it from scratch. You just customize it and you have a complete design widget.

The sidebar part is very useful because it contains nested categories and indented links that offer you many possibilities. Just grab it and play with it.

What’s inside?

  • A well-structured Sketchapp design ui freebie
  • Lists
  • Graphs
  • Table
  • Header
  • Sidebar
  • User Info
  • Search
  • Nested Nav Menus
  • Newsfeed

18. Orion UI kit by Alien Pixels

Dark and spectacular, this cool dark dashboard UI freebie is compatible with Figma and is very well organized with artboards and modular components wrapped in ready-to-use symbols.

The charts are very well executed using resizing constraints and the entire design document has assets that you can customize and reuse as you want.

What’s inside?

  • One Figma File containing
  • 5 Pages (Cover, Dashboard, Grid, Typography, Color)
  • Fonts Used: Open Sans
  • Components: Buttons & Widgets
  • Widgets: Mini-Indicators, Buttons, Table, M-Size
  • 100% Vector

19. Online Courses Dashboard by Bogusław Podhalicz

Welcome to this black & white funny dashboard design that will help you get inspired if you want to apply a friendly design style to your future projects. The design is made in Figma and it has a very powerful contrast due to the dark sidebar, buttons and typography, and white background.

You can duplicate it to your drafts and start exploring it. Clean and well organized you can use it, especially if you want to develop dashboard templates from the area of the online courses.

What’s inside?

  • A unique sidebar full of icons as links
  • Fonts – Baloo Bhai
  • Illustrations
  • Tabs
  • List of courses
  • Search bar
  • Statistics – line graph

20. GameNite Free UI Kit Sketch by Bartek Zieman

GameNite is a free admin panel that provides you with the capability to buy and sell items using blockchain technology. This dashboard UI freebie has seven artboards all wrapped in dark mode with lots of symbols and styles that you can easily construct and customize.

This design freebie is very complex with many widgets and components which you can use in your future projects.

What’s inside?

  • A design file compatible with Sketchapp
  • Typography styles
  • Symbols
  • Graphs (Line, Bars, Candles)
  • Tables
  • Gamer profile

21. To do dashboard by Bogusław Podhalicz

A clean and colorful design dashboard template that was designed with the aim of making completing tasks simpler and more fun. These colors are so well picked that we cannot get bored looking at them. It helps us distinguish the status progress of a task with ease.

The user experience is made up of a user flow that tracks the progress of employees from an organization. Grab it and use it for your upcoming design projects.

What’s inside?

  • One design UI file compatible with Figma
  • Light theme
  • Outlined icons
  • Typography styles
  • Fonts used: SF Pro Display

22. Multipurpose Cards by Webpixels

Another useful design freebie made by the guys from Webpixels. This file contains two artboards one called Components (containing eight cards) and one Buttons.

The design itself is very well executed with features like resizing constraints, variants, and typography styles from which you can benefit and accelerate your creative workflow.

Probably one of the best design freebie templates on the list we encourage you to take a look, see how it’s made, and learn from the best. Apply these rules to your design projects from now on.

What’s inside?

  • One design file compatible with Figma
  • Cards
  • Buttons
  • Fonts used: Inter
  • Resizing constraints
  • Auto Layout
  • Variants
  • Color Variables

23. Taders Social Network by Grégoire Vella

A super clean dashboard admin panel UI concept representing a social network experience for traders and investors. You will find a sketch file that covers a lot of things like transactions, lists, user profile info, sidebar navigation menu, and so on.

Traders Sketch Free Dashboard

Typography is well hierarchized with dark mauve color. The borders are very subtle and they delimitate the entire layout in a useful manner.

What’s inside?

  • One design file compatible with Sketchapp
  • Two artboards
  • Bar & line chart
  • List of transactions
  • Top stocks
  • Fonts used: Sofia Pro

24. Ecommerce Dashboard by Bartosz Maryniaczyk

A fresh new creative approach is brought by Bartosz Maryniaczyk with this amazing eCommerce dashboard UI kit compatible with Figma. This design story relates to the current situation of a seller.

The whole design style is very simple due to the white space intelligently used and the colorful sidebar navigation menu that creates accessibility.

What’s inside?

  • One design file compatible with Figma
  • Two artboards (light & colorful)
  • Fonts used: Google Sans
  • Outlined icons
  • Resizing constraints applied
  • Components
  • Animation included

25. Houssy – Smart Home Dashboard by Jagjit Singh

Smart home dashboard design allows users to control home devices, track other actions, and manage all activities using a smartphone.

Smart Home UI Free Dashboard

This sketch dashboard freebie has a high-quality dark design with vibrant gradients, making the devices stand out properly.

What’s inside?

  • A design file compatible with Sketchapp
  • One dark artboard
  • Fonts used: Muli
  • Outlined icons
  • Graphs: gauge-radial and line
  • Fully vector illustrations

26. Finance Dashboard by Siamak

This small UI kit has a few powerful components that you can scale and customize as you want. The work is made in Sketch and it is carefully layered and organized. The font used is SF Pro Display and before you open the file make sure you have this installed.

Siamak took into account resizing constraints when he designed these wonderful graphs and cards, hence we can resize and customize them as we like.

What’s inside?

  • One design file made in Sketchapp
  • Fonts used: SF Pro Display
  • One line chart
  • Bar chart
  • Payment credit cards

27. Charts by LS.Graphics

Creating stunning graphs, diagrams, or charts from scratch can be time-consuming. A creative dashboard UI requires well-designed graphs that visually communicate the metrics of a particular time period.

The team behind this design file has thought of everything. Thank you, Ruslan Latypov. You can use these resources for personal, non-profitable, or commercial projects. You don’t have the right to resell them.

What’s inside?

  • Three design files compatible with Sketchapp
  • Two themes: Light & Dark
  • Wireframe – Yes
  • Two resolutions: Mobile & Desktop
  • Grids: Yes
  • Wireframe Included
  • Typography styles

28. XdDash – Free Xd Dashboard UI Kit by Zvonimir Juranko

A complex admin panel design template, XdDash will help you create various dashboards and variations by combining various customizable elements. Everything is grouped as a component in Assets, so you can change the colors with one click if you want.

The design file is neatly organized having all components grouped into separated artboards. Zvonimir also provides instructions on how to use it, so you can create powerful dashboards.

What’s inside?

  • One design file made in Adobe Xd
  • Eleven artboards
  • Color variables
  • Typography styles
  • Icons
  • Charts
  • Cards
  • Various widgets

29. Coinbase – Web Dashboard Ui Kit by Cr8tiv Emmy

This huge group of 72 responsive screens that you may play with and create your very own dashboard UI admin panels is free for Sketch, Figma, and XD. The dashboard UI light and dark modes will stimulate your imagination and refresh your vigor.

What’s inside?

  • 11 Screen categories
  • Two themes: Light & dark
  • Suitable for: Sketch, Figma & XD
  • Free Illustrations
  • Free Vector
  • Well layered

30. Dashboard Freebie by Zazuly Aziz

This eye-candy dashboard UI freebie is suitable for Photoshop and it has a unique ui style due to the wave graphs at the top and the transparency of the cards.

What’s inside?

  • One file compatible with Adobe Photoshop
  • Vivid colors
  • Line graphs
  • Radial graphs
  • Chat

Final thoughts

We suggest downloading these dashboard UI design freebies and examining how they’re constructed. Some of them are expertly designed with modular components that assist us to create at scale. We will continue to inspire you with modern, fantastic UI designs so you can strengthen your imaginative process for your personal projects or commercial use.

Peace ✌🏼

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