Best Neo brutalism or Neu brutalism UI Design. Get inspired in 2024

Neo Brutalism or Neubrutalism has been a hot topic on Dribbble lately, and it's easy to see why. If you're daring enough to try something totally different, this UI design trend is a great option. It won't let you slip away unnoticed; this aesthetic is bold, wild, and sure to stand out.

Neo Brutalism Design Inspiration

Whilst Neumorphism may have had its moment in the spotlight, this UI design style is quickly becoming the go-to choice for those who are looking to revamp their website or start a new digital product, because it is very easy to implement. Take a look at Gumroad, Figma, or Code Academy, to make an idea.

What is Brutalism?

The name “Brutalism” originates from the French word “brut,” which simply translates to “raw” or “uncultivated”. This architectural style was first seen in the middle of the twentieth century and became popular in the late 50s and early 60s.

Brutalism Architecture
brutalism building

It features sharp edges, jagged shapes, rough textures, aged surfaces, asymmetrical natural shapes, and metallic hues. The materials used in this style of architecture are generally concrete, steel, glass, bronze, and iron.

What is Neo Brutalism in design?

It represents a UI design trend mimics the architectural style transferred to UI design through bold and huge typography, vibrant colors, strong contrasts with distinct edges, and solid background textures or patterns. That depicts a modern and distinctive output that promotes a better user experience.

Is minimalist a brutalist in UI design?

I think it’s an easy mistake to make, and only experienced designers feel the difference. It is possible for an interface to be quite minimal, yet still include the typical UI components of a new brutalism style.

Minimalism design involves incorporating as few elements as possible into a composition, such as a single accent color or no color at all, and no extravagant patterns or shapes. The overall effect is one of sophisticated and very uncluttered beauty. It is usually used for beauty websites, portfolios, or magazine websites.

On the other hand, the brutalism UI design style is quite different, with big elements that stand out, and brilliantly contrasting colors. Is something you will choose if you want to express creativity and amazing output. Let’s dive into more details. Keep on reading!

The Key Elements

We created a Figma web layout from scratch in order to accurately represent brutalism design aesthetics. We would like to demonstrate to you the progression of each element and its significance.

1. Shadows

We have been accustomed to the conventional soft shadows for many years, however, what we’re dealing with in this particular case is different; these shadows have full color, no blurring, and are positioned on both the x and y axes. You can apply them to buttons, cards, and ornamental elements.

2. Separators

Whether they be thick or thin strokes, the materials are all arranged neatly and the structure is organized correctly. Even with various separators, the entire look is still pleasing to the gaze.

3. Typography

It is evident that large titles can have a significant impact. They can be both unique and practical, and there will be no difficulty in writing CSS to incorporate them.

4. Colors

I know many people are not big fans of vivid contrasts through crazy colors, because of its lack of accessibility or readability, however, you can take this into consideration and even if you use pure black, it’s okay if you perform some tests.

5. Asymmetric geometric shapes

If you want to challenge a traditional UI design you can count on these for sure. You don’t have to create anything fancy, just a few circles, triangles, rhombuses, and diamonds. If you look carefully it seems that these shapes are floating around.

Creative Neobrutalism Template

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Neobrutalism Figma Template


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I hope this mini tutorial was useful for you guys! Now, we’ve got over 10 neo-brutalism web design examples that’ll give you a supercharge of creative motivation! We will keep this compilation refreshed on a monthly basis, so make sure to review it regularly. Have fun!

1. Personal Branding by Vladimir Gruev

Let’s kick off this list with the inspired hero section of Vladimir Gruev’s designs. He is a massive admirer of the Neobrutalism style and has some great web design pieces. Make sure to check out his stunning work!

2. Look Beyond Limits by Halo Lab

The huge typography, prominent separators, and unique angles all added up to make this artwork. It’s impossible to not take note of the extraordinary Ukrainian design squad at Halo Lab.

3. Asato by Agum Satria

This website has a very distinct design, primarily because of the vintage background pattern used. The contrast is excellent, and all the elements appear to be authentic. The shapes, outlines, and one-of-a-kind font used for the headlines make it especially eye-catching.

4. Gumroad

In November 2021, the renowned platform for innovators was given a facelift and the Neo-Brutalism design was a smart decision to make. It is clear how the bright crazy colors and unusual shapes combine harmoniously.

5. Figma

It’s no surprise that the all-time favorite UI/UX design tool, Figma, has a presentation website that expresses the feeling of Neo-brutalism through big typography and playful shapes, outlines, and creative ornamentals.

6. CodeAcademy

Vibrant colors, cheerful expressions, humorous typography, in a nutshell, top-notch design! You can see how everything meshes well with each other, it really exudes a jovial atmosphere.

7. HotBuro

If you take a peek at the upper right corner, you’ll observe a trendsetting red shadow and an outline border, which is part of our UI styling. This website also has an attractive cartoonish look because of the lighting design and the unconventional arrangement of the typeface.


Even if it’s just an exploration we cannot disregard this fantastic design by Rayfan Tio Saputro from Dribbble. It is straightforward and tidy, yet out of the ordinary – the blue headline, the three-dimensional shadow, and the delicate radial gradient make it ideal.

9. Brutal Layout by Nanuka Mandaria

This layout is strong due to its large typeface, which is essential to the design. It is straightforward and clear, with a well-defined visual hierarchy. Additionally, the main image does not have extra spacing along the sides, which adds to the overall look. It’s fantastic!

10. Us by Night

This website is incredible and I don’t usually say that. It stands out for its distinctive dividers, stylish font styling, and plenty of illustrations. It’s essentially a layout with photos and amusing mouse-over effects. It has a fun, stylish vibe, yet is simple to set up. This really brings to mind music festivals. Respect to the designers.

Bottom Line

Okay, guys, I hope this comes in handy for you. Even though we have arrived in 2024, individuals are still fed up with the standard website designs. My advice is to try something new; Neo-brutalism could be an ideal solution for this. Ultimately, this approach will enable you to attain a higher level of creative aptitude as a UI designer.

Special Bonus for you!

Hypnosis – Neobrutalism News Blog Figma Template Free

Hypnosis - Neobrutalism Magazine Figma Template

This Neo brutalism web design template is specifically designed to be compatible with Figma and is perfect for blog news publications. Through this freebie, users can quickly and easily construct webpages for publications that enable readers to locate content according to their preferences.

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