Top 20 Web Ui Kits in 2024 That Will Save You Time, Energy, and Money

Designing a UI from scratch can be time-consuming. Some designers will spend weeks or months designing a single interface, and this is not unheard of. Thankfully, there are many UI kits available for designers to choose from. In this blog post, we discuss the 20 web UI kits in 2023 that will save you time, energy, and money by helping you to easily construct and customize.

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

A web ui kit design is a design document that contains a collection of components such as buttons, colors, selected controls, navigation bars, grid options, and so on, all wrapped together under a predefined design style. If designed properly every component stays under a symbol which designers can update its value using overrides.

Every designer that puts in the work in creating a cohesive web ui kit needs to learn the fundamentals of web development. Terms like Bootstrap, CSS, Html, Javascript, and Responsive Design, should sound familiar.

A web UI kit takes different forms such as:

  • Wireframes
  • Web Layouts
  • Landing Pages
  • Dashboards or Admin Panels
  • Newsletters
  • Email Templates

Without further details, we prepared for you a wide collection of web UI kits that you can use for your future projects

1. Platforma 2

Platforma 2 Wireframe UI Kit

Very well executed, Platforma is a huge wireframe library that contains 173 fully-responsive components, in 12 categories, available for all resolutions: desktop, tablet, and mobile (one file for each case).

The main advantage is that you don’t have to be a web designer in order to use this toolkit. Developers can use it too, thanks to its pre-designed inspiring blocks that combined together will result in a high-quality result, like a web-builder.


  • Compatible with: Sketch, Figma, XD, and Bootstrap
  • Organized Nested Symbols and Overrides
  • Typography Predefined Styles
  • Resizing Constraints
  • Meticulously Organized
  • Easy Customizable Colors
  • Based on Bootstrap Grid
  • Support

Price: $159 – for bundle product

The original price was $252, but they offer a generous discount, so you’ll save $93

  • Web Wireframes
  • Ios Wires
  • Web Flowcharts
  • Mobile Flowcharts

If you don’t need all of them you can purchase a single format for $60.

2. Method 5

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

Method ui kit is made up of 11 popular categories to satisfy you or your client’s needs with a single kit. It can also be customized to fit any budget and style preference.

Fully responsive templates and mobile blocks are easy to find. Many different layouts can be found in all categories, which will help designers and developers create a fully comprehensive project.


  • 11 Categories
  • 580 Programming Method Blocks
  • Bootstrap 4 Grid
  • Organized Symbols
  • 290 Unique Layouts
  • Compatible with: Sketch, Figma, and React
  • Fully Vector
  • Unlimited Updates

Before you start editing the code, it is recommended that you explore Method documentation to become familiar with its features. The description for each component will be helpful in your work.

Price: $48 Design and $68 Design + Code

You can also subscribe to their monthly membership and get full access to it as well as all of their products.

3. Collab — Landing Page Kit

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

Collab is a fully-featured landing page kit including code, design files, and beautiful 3D illustrations editable in Figma. This package includes a responsive and fully animated landing page template with 24 sections for you to choose from. This kit provides lots of different content in order for you to easily create your own layout within minutes by dragging or dropping the pieces together.

This landing page kit is very creative because of its amazing colors, 3d drawings and cool animation, which all together depict a playful, enjoyable atmosphere.


  • Fully Responsive (Valid HTML5 & CSS3)
  • 1 Long Scrolling Page (24 Sections)
  • Editable 3D Icons + Illustrations (In Figma)
  • Figma Files Included
  • Documentation + Support (by Team UI8)
Price: $64 Design + Code

A very important aspect is that you should have some basic coding experience if you plan to edit the coding part of it.

4. Muir

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

Elegantly designed and perfectly balanced, this UI kit will make your designs graceful. Based on the principles of minimalism it provides you with all the necessary elements for building a successful website.


  • 17 Categories
  • 100 neatly-balanced layouts
  • For Sketch and Figma
  • Resizing constraints
  • Symbols
Price: $49

You can grant access to all the products by signing up for yearly membership for $99. I think this is much more convenient.

5. BetaCRM UI Kit

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

If you plan to build your own admin panel or dashboard consider BetaCRM. Once grabbed you will get to play with 200 UI components that enable you to accelerate the production of your SaaS web app. It also consists of 185 high-quality web and mobile screens that might fit your needs.


  • 99 Desktop pages
  • 86 Mobile screens
  • For Sketch, Figma, XD and Photoshop
  • 200+ Pre-made symbols
  • All Vector Based
Price: $37 for Design Files

They’re also offering a coded HTML version of it, but you have to make another purchase. Fair enough 🙂

6. Dashboard UI Kit 3.0

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

Probably the most complex dashboard web ui kit available on the web right now with constant updates, designed by the talented designer Jan Losert. He gained a lot of success on the most popular marketplaces with this product.

Definitely one of the top dashboard UI kits on ui8, Jan also offers multiple formats of it. From Sketch, XD, and Photoshop to Html 5, CSS3, and React. He received many likes and gained a lot of popularity. His hard work paid off.


  • 60 Screens
  • 4 Conceptual Apps
  • 15 Screens Coded in React
  • 90 React Components
  • Documentation Included
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Dark & Light Modes
  • Styleguide Included
Price: $44 for Design and $59 Code + Design

7. Fabrx UI Kit Pro for Bootstrap 5

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

A library of over 250 wireframes, 500 components, and ready-to-go templates. All are coded in HTML/CSS with Bootstrap 5 framework – copy snippets of code straight to your editor for an instant responsive HTML page.

We think this is a powerful product that you should take into consideration. Test it and play with it. Might be the right amount of everything, so give it a try. Let’s look at some key points:


  • 500+ Modular Components
  • 250+ Wireframes
  • 600+ Icons
  • 100% Responsive
  • Light and Dark Mode
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Compatible with Sketch, XD, Figma, Html5, Css3, Sass, Bootstrap 5, Js
Price: $68 Single-Website, $136 Multiple-Sites, $680 Extended

8. Unity Dashboard Kit

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

Unity is one of our favorite web dashboard kits available in 2023. It is so stylish with all sorts of 3d icons, cool typography styles, and data charts that make it stand out. It has two modes light and dark very easy to customize for designers who need to ideate an admin panel that their clients will surely adore. It is available for Sketch and Figma.

We think the most notable feature of this dashboard ui kit is the quality and attention to detail in its design.


  • 45 Pre-made Templates
  • 90+ Responsive Components
  • Global Styleguide Included
  • Desktop and Mobile Layouts (Responsive)
  • Light and Dark Mode
  • Fully Coded HTML Templates
  • Compatible with Sketch, Figma, Html5
Price: $68

9. Universal UI Kit

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

Universal is a pack of UI cards from popular categories and will help you build your project quickly. All components in this set are made using simple yet powerful design systems that can be customized to your style.

Simplicity is the main advantage of this ui kit. It has some awesome pre-designed templates that solve real use cases.


  • 600 Modern UI Cards
  • 100+ Unique Icons
  • Bootstrap Layout & Resizable Cards
  • 2 Font Versions (Premium & Free)
  • Powerful Design System
  • Compatible with Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD
Price: $69,95 and for corporate license $139,95

10. Health Dashboard UI Kit

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

A clean and minimal production-ready dashboard UI Kit targeting a wide variety of use cases for desktop and mobile applications in light mode


  • 30 elements
  • Global Styleguide Included
  • Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • Light Mode
  • Compatible with Sketch and Figma

This ui kit is not so complex, but it definetly helps you start a solid web project with it. It has a very good potential due to its stylish design that Voicu meticulously applied.

Price: 4,99/month to unlock all design resources

11. Prospero

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

The Prospero UI Kit is a free UI kit for websites with a modular approach that will give you all the pieces to create an online store in Webflow. It features large photos, sleek typography, and plenty of white space on your site!


  • 85 sections
  • 10 complete page layouts
  • 2 ready-to-launch templates
  • Support
  • Styleguide Included
  • Compatible with Webflow
Price: FREE

12. Today Web Ui Kit

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

This pack has 120 unique and amazing designed UI blocks, all of which are grouped into the 14 most popular categories. The content includes everything you need to design any website, landing page, or web application.

All of the elements were created under a 12 column Bootstrap grid with a 1170px width so it’s very easy to combine components together here. They also included a style guide for your convenience-it that will make your life much easier when designing and developing!


  • 120+ Web UI Blocks
  • 14 Categories
  • Grouped, layered & named files
  • 12-Column Bootstrap Grid
  • Unlimited Combinations
  • Compatible with Sketch, Photoshop, and XD
Price: $54

13. Ombra – UI Kit and Web Theme

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

This web UI kit works well for designers who need to build a website or blog for influencers from the fashion industry. It has a unique look and feels because of its warm colors and modern typography which makes it very elegant. Let’s see why you should grab it.


  • 14 Web Layouts
  • Natural shadow effects
  • Responsive grid system
  • 12-Column Bootstrap Grid
  • 8px baseline grid
  • Easy-to-update
  • Free updates

14. Sup – Fashion Ecommerce UI Kit

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

We come in handy with an amazingly polished, fully customizable fashion theme for your e-commerce web projects. We have done all the hard work in order for you to change the entire look, by adapting colors, icons, typos, and components with just a few clicks.


  • 25 Responsive Screens
  • Based on Masonry Grid
  • Checkout Flows that Converts
  • Highly Customizable
  • 12 Columns Bootstrap grid 140px
  • Compatible with Photoshop & XD
  • Styleguide in Xd
  • Free Support
Price: $40


Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

Wrkflow is a multipurpose single-page landing page template that features a different content section for each use. It can be used for SaaS-related projects and includes FAQ, Pricing Table, Sign Up, and Sign In modals as well as 6 distinct sections of content. The design is production-ready with an easily adaptable layout from which you can tailor it to your own project needs.


  • Fully Responsive (Valid HTML5 & CSS3)
  • Light & Dark Mode
  • Figma Files Included
  • Subtle Animations & Micro Interactions
  • Documentation + Support (by Team UI8)
  • Bonus: 2 Editable 3D illustrations (in Figma)
Price: $38

16. Move Multipurpose Template

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

Clean and modern responsive layouts that will help you ideate your next website for your personal web projects or for your clients. It consists of blocks of widgets that you can drag and drop in order to build a compelling website.

If you plan to edit and use components you can use one of the three design tools, this Figma web UI kit is very helpful. It is also available in light and dark modes which is another cool feature.


  • 5 Home Page Designs
  • 28 Additional Page Designs
  • 50 UI Components
  • 160+ Ready Edit Blocks
  • Compatible with Figma, Sketch & Adobe XD
Price: $48

17. Cabana Design System

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022


  • 1080+ Custom built main components
  • 540 Text, color, and effects styles
  • Powered by Auto-Layout v3 & Variants
  • 37 Desktop & Mobile examples
  • 176 Design blocks
  • Compatible with Figma
Price: $68

18. Maker Web UI Kit

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

Responsive template for corporate businesses or creative agencies that contains 8 pages based on bootstrap grid. We wrapped elements like colors, typography, and white space into Sass variables, that’s why is so easy to replace with your own desired values.


  • Fully Responsive Bootstrap Template
  • Clean & Modern Design
  • StyleGuide Included
  • Compatible with Photoshop, Css, Html, Js
  • Easy to Customize
  • Styleguide Included

Price: $20

19. Stellar Web Ui Kit

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

Stellar is a UI Kit that includes 20+ meticulously crafted screens with a modern, clean and unique style. The web pack includes Booking tickets, Discover places, Blog, Hotel Booking, Tours, and Flight Search.


  • 20+ Spectacular Web Screens
  • Desktop Resolution
  • Compatible with Adobe XD and Figma
  • Easy to Customize
  • Based on Suisse Design Principles

Price: $30

20. Fleet – Travel Shopping UI Kit

Top 20 Web UI Kits in 2022

Fleet is a powerful UI kit with hundreds of beautifully designed components for any type of travel booking, from flights and hotels to homestays and car rentals. Fleet comes packed full with exclusive design files that can be edited in Figmas, Sketch, or Adobe XD before being turned into an intuitive React app.

This digital product looks amazingly well due to the combination of the dark background colors in contrast with the light spectacular photography and with some accent colors, all together create a perfect contrast that makes the whole design brilliant. That’s the trick.


  • 276 Exclusive Pre-Built Templates
  • 484 Sections to Drag&Drop
  • Compatible with Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, Html, and React
  • Fully Customizable & Responsive
  • Glossy Light + Dark Mode
Price: $98

Final Thoughts

Have you ever tried using ui kits? Are you afraid that you end up customizing your ui kits more than just starting from scratch? I think it will certainly save you time, energy, and money. I would love to know your opinion, so please write me at [email protected] or subscribe to our newsletter for more cool stuff.

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