How Good UX Design Boosts Your Business

The eCommerce industry is going strong, which is why the best practices of UX design matter more than ever. Now that mobile-influenced sales outweigh other types of sales, companies are going all out to improve their online customers' mobile and web experience.

How good ux design boosts your business

Are you wondering why UX is so important for businesses? Camren Browne of CareerFoundry points out that many corporations are investing in UX designers because they can boost businesses’ revenue and help fulfill business goals.

So if you want to know why UX is important for business, here’s what you need to know about the benefits of good UX design:

1. Offers relevant solutions to customers

There’s a good reason why businesses are willing to invest in good UX design. Our ‘Complete Guide on How to Start a UX Design in 2023’ explains that UX is focused on a user’s overall experience, which is why the design process involves defining the problem, researching the needs of consumers, and even providing empathy to the consumers. Designers must understand the target audience’s needs to craft a design that serves as a solution to the consumers’ concerns.

To illustrate, a good UX design can reduce the number of steps a user requires to take in a website or an app before getting the information they need. As a result, users can save time while also fulfilling the task they need to do on the website or app.

For instance, the checkout process is something we are all used to nowadays. The 2020 ARTS report showed that during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, online sales went up by $244.2 billion, making the total amount grow from $571.2 billion in 2019 to $815.4 billion in 2020, representing an increase of 43%.

The checkout process of your website is of critical importance in this situation. Nobody wishes to spend a significant amount of time filling out a form; it should be straightforward with concise forms, mobile-compatible, safe, and effortless to complete. Look at this design below in order to make an idea.

Checkout Flow by Andrei Dorin

If you want to design successful checkouts, I strongly recommend this article on 11 design tips that will help you.

2. Generates more traffic to your website

If you’re growing a business, SEO is an essential strategy that can help you gain more customers. Digital agency Ayima shows that performance SEO is one of the strategies that can help brands drive more traffic to websites. Though you can boost a website’s SEO performance through keyword targeting, internal linking, and backlinking, you can also further improve its ranking on search engines through a good UX design.

For instance, if a website with several pages only has received visits on the homepage and then users leave, that means you should rethink your content structure. When you look at Analytics, a bounce rate over 70% is a red flag because an ideal bounce rate would be somewhere between 20% – 40%. A number of factors can be responsible for high bounce rates, such as the ease of navigation, slow page loads, poor aesthetics, and bad UX. The goal is to keep users engaged, and willing to explore content and the benefits of the products.

In fact, Google and other search engines track the user engagement of websites and rank your business’ website based on the effectiveness of its UX elements. Websites that provide a good user experience can drive more traffic on search engines and potentially increase the number of new consumers of your business, which is why a good UX design business plan is a must.

3. Increases user loyalty

Apart from attracting new customers, your UX design can also increase the loyalty of consumers to your business. TechTarget explains that user experience can help you retain customers because it can effectively fill in the needs of consumers from your business. On top of that, an effective UX design can also offer greater performance to users, thus enhancing their loyalty to your business.

So even though your business may have many competitors, you can still attract more customers to your app or website by offering them quick access to quality content or simplifying the checkout process. This will keep users coming back for more, especially if your UX design is more effective and relevant to them than the others.

4. Boosts your conversion rate

A good UX design will not only attract new visitors and increase the loyalty of the existing ones, but it can also boost the conversion rate of visitors to your website or app. In fact, an article by UXMatters points out that a company that uses UX design to improve its customer experience can enhance its key performance indicators and return on investment. As such, even a 10% investment in UX design can lead to about an 83% increase in conversion rates.

The article by UXMatters explains that Amazon was able to achieve this by investing in the user experience of customers throughout their buyer’s journey. By regularly conducting A/B tests and updating their services based on data, they were able to create a UX design that makes shopping easier.


The success of your business can depend on the experience that you can provide to your consumers. So if you want to know how to improve your UX design, check out our design resources here at Premium UI Kits. We also provide premium mobile kits and web templates to make it easier for you to achieve business success.

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