Top Finance App UI Designs That Will Ignite Your Inspiration!

Most of the posts on Dribbble and Pinterest showcase designs from the finance and banking sector and many ux/ui designers have produced exceptional mobile interfaces, which I will highlight today. But what makes this field so alluring? Keep reading to find out.

Top Finance App UI Design Inspiration 2023

Because of elements like graphs, charts, gradients, and colors offered by this domain. However, some developers express concerns about the practicality of an ascending line of activity in expense graphs, emphasizing the need for solutions addressing empty states and realistic scenarios.

Today, payment methods have evolved significantly, and people are more financially responsible and mindful of their spending habits. To ensure stability, it’s crucial to track expenses and budgets effectively, making apps like YNAB and Coinbase valuable tools for financial management.

To inspire you, here is a curated collection of 16 highly usable and clean engaging finance mobile UI designs from Dribbble and from the real world. Get ready for a dose of inspiration!

If you want to see web finance website UI design in Figma I strongly recommend this article, or if you love dark mobile design I wrote an article for Hongkiat.

1. Revolut

Probably the most downloaded mobile user-centered finance app in the world, Revolut is extremely powerful because it has a simple UI design that provides its users with an overall good user experience. No fancy and hard-to-implement design that serves no purpose, just pure usability.


  • Complex features and yet simple to utilize
  • Creative 3D illustrations
  • Minimalist UI design through subtle contrasts
  • Bold typography
  • Contextual menus to reduce

2. Personal Banking Mobile App

The Afterglow shot stands out as both distinctive and functional because of its minimalist design. The high contrast, abstract shapes, and strategic use of white space result in a visually pleasing and excellent user experience.


  • Modern, intuitive and clean UI design
  • Creative abstract shapes
  • The usage of the white button over black background really cool right?
  • Wise typography
  • Applicable for real mobile apps

3. Finance service – Mobile app

This crazy-innovative design concept comes all away from Texas and it is made by the talented Anastasia Golovko. The design features stunning bold typography, which is set on a white background to establish a clear hierarchy. It’s truly remarkable!


  • The expenses are organized in circular categories for easy viewing.
  • Vivid gradients used at different angles
  • Rounded corners for smoothness effect
  • Simple, clean, and very creative

4. Dark Mobile Banking App

If you appreciate neumorphism design characterized by intricate shadows and understated gradients, then you will definitely enjoy this creation by Ghulam Rasool. The bold red-orange hue against the dark background is striking and Ghulam has cleverly employed it to highlight specific features.


  • Usable and innovative graphs.
  • The consistency used on rounded corners is impeccable
  • Very well executed
  • Subtle tones of dark grey gradients

5. Finance Mobile App

Who says a corporate finance app cannot go under a playful aesthetic ui design? Rijal made a terrific ¬finance app stand out in this noisy world. The app’s joyful look and feel are portrayed by the clever use of pastel colors and contrasting light and dark backgrounds.


  • The subtle shadows used on the expenses cards are so cool
  • The small typo used inside the tall buttons is quite smart
  • The colors on the main call to actions transfer and request are cleverly used
  • Overall an excellent ux design

6. Finance App

Still going strong with one of the best shots in the history of Dribbble. Vladimir Gruev has an exceptional talent for transforming mundane banking information into something captivating through his design skills.


  • The expense bars have been designed with great usability in mind. This makes it easy for you to quickly identify where your money is being spent.
  • Amazing minimalist illustrations
  • Good color scheme
  • Wise typography

7. Mint Budgeting App

Mint, a popular finance app, aids users in managing budgets, tracking expenses, and monitoring financial goals. It offers insights into spending habits, bill reminders, and credit score tracking.


  • In order to see the financial progress of each category they used slider graphs. Very useful.
  • Clear data visualizations and concise navigation
  • Good color scheme and original illustrations
  • The abundant use of green color motivates you to save money.

8. Wise Mobile App

Wise is a powerful finance app where the color scheme is carefully chosen to evoke trust and reliability while maintaining visual appeal. The 3D custom icons and huge typography create a cohesive and recognizable brand identity.


  • In order to see the financial progress of each category they used slider graphs. Very useful.
  • Clear data visualizations and concise navigation
  • Good color scheme and original illustrations
  • The abundant use of green color motivates you to save money.

9. Paypal

Probably one of the most famous apps on earth founded by the great Peter Thiel and Elon Musk, Paypal still offers a great user experience for its users. The vivid colors and intuitive navigation with micro-interactions on side menus are some amazing details that encourage people to engage.


  • The blue dark color is often to establish trust, brand identity, and recognition.
  • Playful illustrations that depict a very warm look & feel.
  • Well-structured layout with clear typography and well-designed form fields.
  • Easy to utilize through straightforward user flows.

10. Unison Crypto App

Moving on to a very unusual neat dark design made by the talented Roman Lel. This minimalist crypto wallet design showcases excellent organization, devoid of cluttered screens filled with unnecessary design elements that lack purpose.


  • Consistent design with rounded corners on cards & buttons
  • Minimalist approach with thin lines and sleek typography
  • Clean and usable user experience

11. Crypter 2.0 – Mobile version

I always love when simplicity, usability, and creativity are brought together. It creates the ideal blend for a well-crafted UX design. The Inter font, whether used in light or dark mode, exhibits a visually pleasing appearance, offering clarity and a clean overall look. Well done, Tran.


  • Catchy concept due to the 3D objects
  • A very simple navigation system on the wallet screen
  • Clean and usable user experience

12. Dark Neon Wallet App

This color scheme might be hard to digest and apply to your future projects especially if these address a corporate domain. Rakib Kowshar did his best in order to give a smooth approach when it comes to the finance industry.


  • A different approach to rounded corners
  • Simple color scheme and typography
  • Very intuitive ux design that offers granularity with the help of the tabs

13. Light Crypto App

Now, what is fancy about his one? This interface employs a clean and modern aesthetic, with a balance between simplicity and functionality. The background contextual menu that is above a section creates a pleasant effect, especially on high contrasts.


  • A different approach to rounded corners
  • Simple color scheme and typography
  • Very intuitive ux design that offers granularity with the help of the tabs

14. Friendly Finance App

Jeehom continues to impress with another impactful creation, showcasing its talent and dedication. Despite being initially intended as a serious banking app, it has now adopted a friendly approach that embodies a design concept inspired by nature and geometric shapes.


  • The main actions are so clearly presented: Add-Money, Trade & Withdraw
  • Nice accent-vivid color
  • The color combination used is uncommon and still looks brilliant

15. Budget Planner App

Unleash your financial prowess with our Dark Finance Mobile UI Kit! With both Light and Dark themes, it provides endless possibilities to manage your personal finances. Embrace a futuristic design, ditching the dull enterprise style for vibrant gradients.


  • Create accounts that serve different scopes: Savings, Daily-activities, Investments
  • Connect to your bank and keep track of your expenses
  • Create monthly goals and plan ahead your vacations
  • Symbols, text & color styles included

16. Truebill Finance Mobile App

The UI design of TrueBill aims to provide users with an appealing, intuitive, and efficient experience. Carefully incorporated visualizations and charts offer a quick and comprehensive overview of spending patterns and subscription details.


  • Clean, friendly, and interactive UI design
  • Enterprise look and feel while using vector illustrations
  • The usage of green and blue just hit the mark


Creating a successful finance app necessitates striking the right balance between functionality, security, and user experience. By prioritizing these crucial aspects, app designers can craft user-friendly, secure, and personalized user-friendly finance apps that cater to the needs of modern users.

In conclusion, mobile apps have become essential in managing our finances, and the future of finance apps is exciting. It will be crucial for ui/ux designers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Designing finance apps that are functional, user-friendly, and compliant with regulations will be critical to their success.

Finance App UI Kit Figma Free

A free Finance Wallet App UI Kit for Figma, Sketch, and XD. Customize 28 mobile screens to suit your needs and start designing your mobile finance app today!

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