Your Ultimate Guide to Learn UX Design in 2023

Dear UX designer,

Jumping into UX design can feel like stepping into a fog of information. Have you ever found yourself lost in a sea of YouTube videos and articles, and suddenly… bam! Overwhelm strikes. You’re drowning in theories, yet a practical, FREE video or course? Now that’s the elusive treasure.

And to top it all off, you still don’t have a clue what a UX designer does on a daily basis.

Totally get it. I’ve walked that path countless times. You’re thinking, “Why no UX designer would dare share these golden insights?” And how to use them when landing a job or a gig?

Well, don’t worry, it’s not rocket science – Trust Me!

Anyone can learn it if you:

  • Have that curious itch to dissect app designs and figure out how things tick.
  • Possess a knack for design and can spot those pesky usability glitches.
  • Thrive on solving people’s issues through the magic of design.

All you need is DIRECTION.


With over thirteen years of diving deep into this fantastic field, collaborating with big names, and tackling various projects, I’m spilling the beans on my personal UX design process.

In this hands-on guide, I’ll walk you through every step:

  • From tackling a problem head-on
  • Asking the right questions,
  • Gathering insights
  • Brainstorming creatively
  • Setting your ideas free from constraints
  • All the way to having your initial prototype primed for testing

Video Tutorial

Once you’re through, you’ll be all set to rock this method for both client and personal projects, kickstart a career, and even land that dream job.

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