Creative – Neo Brutalism Figma Template

If you are looking to differentiate yourself from your competitors and add a bit of magic, consider building your next magazine website/UI kit with Creative. This Figma responsive template embodies the neo-brutalism design trend, featuring eye-catching typography, bright colors, and striking contrasts with sharp edges.

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Why you should go for it?

If you’re struggling with starting a blog or magazine website and can’t afford to hire a UI designer, this template can be very helpful. The problem with most magazines and news websites is that they look similar with no personality and the information is cluttered.

While dark mode may reduce readability, this template has reduced the whiteness of paragraphs and titles to decrease eyestrain and make it easier for users to read.

If you want to find out more about the dark theme in UI/UX design tips & tricks and best practices I wrote an article for Hongkiat that might clear things out for you.

Research shows that people often leave websites within the first 20 seconds if the layout is cluttered and difficult to navigate. With this template, we’ve aimed to create a clean yet creative layout that can accommodate complex categories with lots of information in a real-world scenario. By dividing the data, users can easily locate and read what they’re interested in.

What’s inside?

The document outlining the design includes 10 artboards that cater to both desktop and mobile resolutions. It includes a collection of components that can be reused, ensuring that design and development are consistent, efficient, and of high quality.

  • Home page
  • Category Page
  • Article Page
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Symbols using Smart Variants
  • Color Variables

What is Neo Brutalism UI Design Trend?

We have written an article that explores the origins and usage of the Neo brutalism UI design style. It will provide you with valuable insights and knowledge on the subject.

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